you are my sunshine, my only sunshine..

you make me happy when skies are gray...

Himawari Kunogi

...please don't take my sunshine away...
Profile Stats:...
Name: Kunogi Himawari
Age: 17
Day Arrived: July 14th
Occupation: HumaniTea
Residence: House 6
Roommate: Nakano Yamato
Pet: Tanpopo (small bird)
Mun Stats:...
Name: Tori
Age: late 20s
Fandom: xxxHolic
Others on Salkia:
Jim Hawkins
Sakashita Yuzuyu
Lydia Deetz

Her Secret:...
Himawari is the embodiment of Bad Luck. A curse that seems to have fallen to her since she was born and something she has not been able to shake lose. Her bad luck will effect anyone she touches or makes a strong connection with. She tries very hard not to make anything for anyone or even cook for others for fear that it could hurt them some how. She has been the cause for many of peoples troubles, wounds and a few deaths.

Those immune to her bad luck are those who have abilities like Doumeki or Vampires. Although vampires seem to be immune to her bad luck, if they take in her blood they will have extremely bad luck until it has flushed from their system. Because of this she tends to keep to herself and interacts with people only though the Network.
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