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Voice - Twenty Four

It’s nice… not having to wonder where you will end up next week. I think we’re back to the island this time for sure. It’s different now though.

[the sound of the water crashing on the shore of the beach can be heard. Her voice is a bit smaller, melancholy.]

The view feels different now. Not exactly the same as before.

I don’t like it… but I guess I can’t complain.

Some how I have my LP back… and Tanpopo seems happy to see me again. I’d just like to go home now though… that’s all.

Oh... ah... I seem to be roomed with one Suzaku Kururugi? If you're at the apartment later, perhaps I will see you. I tend not to be too invasive, so I hope rooming with me wont be too much of a bother.

Video - Twenty Three

[There is a click of recording for a moment, the sound of someone talking to themselves, and running, the ground seen as they ran. She sounds agitated, upset. No one has ever heard this girl so upset before.]

It’s not FAIR! It’s not… damn it! What the hell do you… you want…You stupid damn shitty island!

[The device is swinging in her hand as she runs, a splashing of the ocean side, her feet running through the water. Panting of breath then there is a loud splash like she fell, the device goes under water a moment, then out.]

It’s not… you can’t… D-damn it! You can’t take them all! It’s not fa-- Don’t leave me too…

[You can hear her crying, then starting to yell in frustration as there is a fight with the device. The world spins as it looks like she’s fighting to pull the strap off her writ. Then the sky spins out of control, her yell distant, the waves loud.]

[Then PLUNK. You see the splash, and then you wash around in the ocean water… and fall to the bottom. Just a blurry blue screen for a bit before the timer runs out or the device shorts out, either or.]

[ooc:And that’s it. She snapped. Obviously she wont be replying to comments for a while. I was assured her LP will reappear if she doesn’t go to get it. So she’ll talk again later. For now she’s sitting in the water on the shore line trying to get back under some form of control. Action tags are okay with me, but anything else wont reach her, obviously lol]

Voice - Twenty Two

[Her voice is a little strained, and like she's been crying, but it sounds like she's talking through a hard smile.]

T-The fangs are gone. E-everything back to normal at least. No more snow.... no more odd powers. N-no more Ich--[voice catches a moment.]

[she forced a soft laugh, sounding pathetic in the end]

There goes another one. First Ichijou-kun... then Watanuki-kun and Aidou, now ...I-ichigo-kun...

[She sniffed, trying to push a smile into her voice again]

T-tanpopo came back though. That's...

[A long pause, then a more cheerful forced chuckle]

I'm not... --ah, I think I'll be out for a little bit, if anyone needs me. Miss Rukia... I hope you're alright. D-doumeki-kun? If you're... around still too... ah--

Video to Voice - Twenty One

[Video shows her for a moment, her LP having been on her bed, her frantic moment of looking for something having knocked something into turning it on. You can see she's looking for something, then, turning, gives a 'ouch' like look, a hand coming up to cover her mouth, eyes squinting shut, briefly.]

[The normally calm and collected looking girl looks a bit frantic. There is a lack of chirping around her today as well. Grabbing her LP, she flicked it from video to just voice. Her voice not being exactly stable though]

I-Is it... a new event? I-is that what's going on? This... this isn't good...

W-what's going on? Watanuki's gone... again... and now this...

Voice - Twenty

I feel so very out of the loop lately. It seems that... since people started leaving again that I just haven't been able to bring myself to interact much once again. Everyone I know is so silent at the moment, or in a lot of serious business that... well, best I'm not around for.

I hope things are going well for people. The New year seems a bit slow for some reason. How is everyone doing? Me... I think I might go dress warm and take another run. If anyone needs me, I'll be out, again.

Voice & Text - Nineteen

Private // Not hard to hackCollapse )

Christmas on the island has been interesting, hasn’t it? The snow has been lovely. For some reason I find it much more interesting here then I did back home. Speaking of home… I received a small gift that… that I’m very glad to have gotten. Thank you… Island? Santa? Oh, who ever. Thank you… I’ve been so homesick that this oddly helps.

[Her voice drifts off for a bit. It can’t be seen but she’s looking at a picture in a small frame that had been by her bedside in her room. A picture of her mother and father and herself as an elementary student. Something she had had for years, obviously.]

A-also… Thank you all who got me such lovely gifts. I should have said so much earlier then this. Some of you spent far too much on me. I… don’t know how else to express my thanks to every one of you.

Gifts received from others, cut only for length but not secured, open for all to readCollapse )

Ooc note: gift list, beware, detailed! – Doumeki, Watanuki, Ichigo, Hatori, Ichiru, Aidou, Rukia, Ichijou, Secret Santa: AkitoCollapse )

Text - Eighteen

[Text only. She doesn’t feel up to putting a smile in her voice for this. Early Morning Post:]

The snow is rather nice. I went out in it today, but only for a little bit. I think I need to get a scarf. Who would have thought there would be snow on a tropical island?

Hatori-san, thank you for the help the other day, and the tea as well. It was… nice getting out.

I hope these gifts are well chosen. They aren’t much but I think I did well. I have the secret Santa gift wrapped and ready to go. I just have to finish a few others.

I’m sure my room mate has no idea who I am. I’ve been staying with friends, to help, but Ichijouji-san, I hope you’re doing well, please stay warm.

Strikes are Deleted: Doumeki-kun is… Things are getting better I suppose. Doumeki-kun seems like he’s doing better now. Watanuki-kun? Is there anything else I can do to help? Doumeki-kun? Do you need anything else?

On another note, it seems like people have returned. I’m sure a lot of people were happy about that. Strikes are Deleted: Ichigo-kun died again. I don’t know what to say to him though. I’m… sure he doesn’t nee-- Ichigo-kun-san? I hope you are doing alright… now. Is there anything I can d--

It’s cold outside, so I think I might go back inside soon. It’s really too pretty out though… calm.

Video - Seventeen

[Video: A soft smile as she looked at the Lp.]

Found it. It seems… ah, well that I lost this in my room some time ago. After that last move it seems everything got strewn about badly. I’m in an apartment now, which feels strange. It’s much different then the lovely houses I’ve been in for all this time. Doumeki is one flight up, and Ichijou is next door, so I’m not too far away from a few of my friends. Still, yet again, at a distance from Watanuki-kun…

[It looks like she’s kneeling on her floor and leaning over the edge of her bed, like she found her LP under her bed]

Hmmm what else. Oh! Thank you… ah, it’s a bit late, but thank you everyone who made my Birthday really fun. I’ve never really had a party for I before, so that was delightful! It really made me happy.

Ah… and on another note, it seems that this Island celebrates Christmas. I’ve got a name, and… am not too sure what to do about it. But I think I might know who to ask. Mmmm…

Anyhow… I’ve found my LP at last, so I’ll be around and a bit more accessible once again.

[With a small two finger wave to the view, she turend the video off, then flicked it to private for one more note.]

Private to Hatori SohmaCollapse )

Video: Accidental - Sixteen

[The LP turned on as it hit the ground, thus for the next 12 minutes, give or take, there was nothing but footage of grass and dirt. After this time, you can hear foot steps, then seen the camera angle change. A pant and puff of air is given, and a swift glance of a dark haired girl might have been made out before the hand comes in to cover and turn off her LP once more.]

[All replies form anyone bored enough to ask will receive text only replies and lies on how well and fine she is doing. Nothing more then that with this set up.]

Voice - Fifteen

[Voice post, start:]

There seems to have been so much going on lately. The last event was… well, interesting. I’m glad some people got the wishes they wished for, though the fires were… well undesired. The kittens, although cute were a bit of a pain, and what is with the giant robot? It’s like something out of a manga from back home.

Ichijou-kun has returned as well as Watanuki-kun. It’s very nice to see them once again. I wonder if anyone else will return as well. Perhaps this is just another one of those odd things the island does too. I wonder if maybe I will disappear sometime as well. Perhaps return a few years later? Would I even return? [There’s a moment’s pause, and a muffled sound of a sneeze being covered and turned away.]

It’s a curious thought at least.

I’m very glad things are working out for my friends lately and I hope this continues on!

Private to Self // Hard to HackCollapse )

Text - Fourteen

I suppose I should put this to use again. I lost my writing journal, so this will have to do.

The big topic: Stars! It seems that there is a lot of stars disappearing, and rumor that it’s a wish upon a star event? That’s really interesting. I don’t know what I might wish for, though I have a few ideas. I’ll have to think on it still. In other thoughts? Doumeki-kun? How are you doing? It’s been a month, hasn’t it? deleted before posting: I hope your doing alright. I should have checked on you sooner. And I maybe should talk to you abou---

I’ve picked up a few hobbies now it seems. I’ve got some new writing paper for ah… writing. I bought some sweets and tea. I’m … trying to get out a bit more again. I have two Sensei’s now it seems, but I won’t go on about that. Ah, that’s all for now, I suppose.

Oh! Ryoga-san? Are… you still around? It’s been a bit since we met. Are you doing alright? Or even still here?

Private to self // super hard to hackCollapse )

Private to Doumeki-kun // hard to hackCollapse )

Private to Ichigo-san // hard to hackCollapse )

Video Thirteen

[Accidental Video. Emo alert. SO sorry. It’s apparent that the LP fell down at this odd angle it’s taken from. You can see at a short distance, the curly haired girl standing at the Red Center Range. Half and image of her drawing a bow and arrow, a determined look on her face, and firing. Drawing another and repeating. If you watch it all, it would be very boring. She disappears once in a while to retrieve arrows and do it again. As it progresses she looks like she’s becoming more emotional. Upset. At one point she draws an arrow but stopped, raising her arm to wipe at her face, tears. You might hear a small stifled cry before a frustrated growl, her body suddenly dropping back to the ground, leaning on a wall. All the video is catching are her long bare bent legs and a bow laying on the ground beside her as she sits in the rec center, hiding there for now.

First Ichiru’s death, now Watanuki and Ichijou are gone. Others too. People she had talked to. Some she didn’t. The video rolls for a bit longer, then “Timer Out” function happened, saying End record, and shutting off the video for the moment.]

Video - Twelve

[Video post made of a very smiling girl with very droopy ears]

I ah… so, Ichijou-kun, Tuesday evening was very nice. Thank you for the time.

These.. .ears and tails are very adorable. I actually like them.

Ah, what else to say. Um, boy? The one I met at the pond? I hope all is going well for you, or at least better by now.

And ah… that’s all.

privateCollapse )

Video & Private Paper Journal - Eleven

[The video pops on, showing the dark haired girl in a glow of a, the sound of it crackling and the beach near by. She’s not too close to it, and you can hear some others chattering on their own near by, but not to her. She’s not part of the group, she’s just out there. Late at the beach, the video is a bit dark because of it.]

Oh my, I didn’t realize how late it was getting until it was upon me! I think I nearly spent the day out here one place or another. There are some great shady spots out here when you need them, but still nice and warm.

I’ve been trying to keep up with things on my LP that I lost track of time. None the less, tomorrow I have lessons! I’m actually very excited.

On another note, dinner the other night was lovely, thank you once again, Ichijou-kun, for inviting me. [Whispered] I loved the dress. A perfect fit.

Anyhow, I suppose I should return home soon, though it’s so nice out. I wonder if Riku-san is home or not. I feel bad for not properly introducing myself to him, but I’ve... taken to being outside a bit more lately.

Ichijou-kun? I miss the house of smiles late night tea. We should do that again some night.

Oh! Okay, that is all. I really should head back home before it’s too late. I can’t believe I dazed off so badly.

[The video feed cuts off, but she will still be talking or texting to anyone who replies.]

Private Paper Journal. Not Hackable Unless StolenCollapse )

Video - Eight

[Video starts with her peeking in, her hair down for a change, and looking a bit straighter. there is a leather braided head band at her forehead.]

Well, I'll admit that I am a bit curious. This island does some strange things, and I find it twice as strange when the clothing I wear changes on it's own. At least this is more of a pleasant change from the last few days, and I rather this then the color change skin really.

Look, isn't this cute?

[The LP moves a bit on the table and you can see she is in her room. Standing back she poses a bit in her new outfit, smiling cheerfully, turning an ankle and all for a moment before returning to her LP. Back to her face.]

I actually wouldn't mind keeping some of this later. The shoes are soft and comfortable at least. The flowers and peace signs all over the city are loud but cute. I wonder how long they will last... oh!

Watanuki-kun? How are you doing? I just wanted to check on you and see if you needed anything.

Text - Seven

[A short little worried text tossed out there because she is wondering...]

Why isn’t he back yet?

Text - Six

Well, that isn’t exactly the way I wanted to earn money… credits? What ever these are. But it’s a nice surprise. Perhaps I can get a few things with this. What is the economy like around here? Also, I know it was a few nights ago, I’ve been so bad with keeping up with my personal journal, but what was that big boom? Someone said that the other apartment complex was blown up? I hope no one was in it. I mean, I figure no one was hurt, as I didn’t hear much on anyone being hurt, but still. That’s very sad.

This place is so… strange. Still.

It’s a relief to know we’re not going to change colors anymore though. It’s nice to be able to see the true emotions of someone by their colors but sometimes I felt intrusive. I hope everyone is doing alright and back to their normal selves. deleted: I didn’t like that they could see when I was blu--

private to self // sadly it is hackableCollapse )

Voice - Five

[She’s flip flopping from orange to green to orange to green to dark blue to green to orange--- Do YOU think she wants to put this color show on video? NO. Thus this is a voice post,]

Ichijou-kun? Watanuki-kun? Ah… are… either of you with Doumeki-kun? Did you see his transmission? Are one of you with him? I’m a bit worried.

Just… a bit. It looked like he was near the woods, and there was such a noise and… Okay, more then a bit worried. A lot. It sounded like something attacked him. Are either of you with him? He’s not answering his LP.

What if he’s really hurt?

On top of everything, I keep changing colors. It must be the island thing again. And Ichijou-kun? Are you alright too? I didn’t hear you much today.

Oh! I’m orange again.

Doumeki? Are you alright!? Please say something?

Video - Four

[Video: You see the girl in one of the House Kitchens, head in hand, looking down at the LP and smiling, a yellow bird jumping on her shoulder. Her hair is in two curly tails with a scarf tied around to cover the top. SMILES. ]


I decided to try my hand at a different kind of cookie today, so while I’m waiting for them to bake, I figured I should update my life.

Last night was amazingly fun. It has been a while, it seems since I was able to hang out with my friends like that. Doumeki-kun surprised me the most! He sang with us more then five times! I was really proud. Kohane-chan… you have such a beautiful voice. You really made it a lot of fun. I hope you slept well though, when we got you home. And Watanuki-kun? You amaze me! You really get into it when you sing! It was a lot of fun. [Adorably energetic talk about these three. Is truly happy about all this.]

Ichijou-kun? That was a wonderful idea and I thank you grandly for inviting me. I really did have a lot of fun. [Smiling at you with a ‘thanks for the memories’ kind of smile, because that’s what this is! A good memory.]

Chocolate Chip, by the way. I’m trying to make some chocolate chip cookies this time. I hope I don’t mess them up. [Side glance to the oven then back.] Anyhow… I should check on those.

That’s all for now.

[she gave a wink and moved from her chair. All responses will be by video unless otherwise stated.]

Voice and Text - Three

As much as I love the snow or enjoy warm weather, I am glad that it seems to have settled back into something more manageable. I was almost worried I was going to catch a cold, but thankfully I squeaked by with out one. To those who did get sick? Drink lots of fluids and do take care.

There was a colorful add yesterday for a job, which got me to thinking--- Oh, no. I’m not thinking about a job there either. I just mean it got me to thinking that I might like to find a job while I am here. I might like to make some of these... what was it? Monies? So I can buy a few things here or there.

So that’s what I’m going to spend the rest of my week doing. Job hunting. How exciting. I don’t expect there to be much I can choose from here, but it can’t hurt to look.

Private Text to Doumeki // HackableCollapse )

Voice - Two

What an interesting few days it has been.

[The sound of something tapping, a ring to a desk perhaps?]

Things seem to be going back to normal, or as normal as one might figure. Though by the sounds of it I might stay in my room a bit longer.

It's hot though. What wonderful weather we are having. It reminds me of home in some ways, though that only makes me want to go swimming twice as much.

How is everyone else dealing with this heat?

Voice - One

[A few bumps of some buttons and a poking the little device she found on her, with the key. A VOICE post.]

This is interesting. Weren’t we just at school Tanpopo?

[twittering sound of a bird, frantically flapping around.]

Right. I’m sure there was no forest around the school this morning. Hmmm, but there is a city over there, it looks like.

Hmmm I wonder whose little device this is.

Hello? Anyone out there?

[Foot steps can be heard, as she holds the thing to her side, walking, looking about.]

Jul. 11th, 2009

Player: Tori
Character: Himawari Kunogi
eMail: tori(dot)bear(at)gmail(dot)com
AIM: robotic puppets

How Am I Doing?: Know the Canon? Am I doing something off? Let me know. I take crit fairly well. I’m not fond of Anon as I feel better know who it is, but if you want to Anon I wont be upset. Anything that will help me get better is helpful. Thank you.


Character Relationships

Character Relationships:...

-Updated as needed.
-If I am missing someone or you should be here, just reply here!

Shizuka Doumeki - It could be stated that Doumeki is perhaps one of her first close friends, even if they aren’t all that terribly close. He’s one of the first people to be unaffected by her bad luck, and because of that he is able to be around her as well as help her be around others. She really enjoys his company but sometimes worries that she comes across as only wanting him around so she can do other things or make friends with others. It’s not true of course, but it is something she worries about once in a while. She really does see him as a very good friend. He is nearly the only person (excluding her parents) that she not scared to touch or hug.

Kimihiro Watanuki - Because of her friendship with Doumeki she was able to let herself get closer to Watanuki. It was obvious that he had a crush on her for a while in school and it scared her greatly. She still feels horrible about touching his shoulder and watching him fall from a 2ed story window while at school. Unknown to him she has taken all his scars from the fall as part of a trade to help save his life. Her back is scarred and ugly; she hides them from everyone but she keeps them proudly, glad to have them, even if he doesn’t know she has them.

Tsuyuri Kohane - She only met this young lady a few times from the boys and by going to the shop, but she was very fond of the polite young girl. While back home she got to spend time with the girl and the boys at the shop here she has only heard her voice a few times. Kohane does not know her because of time differences here, but she keeps an ear out for her anyhow. She’s trying not to get too close to the poor dear though as she doesn’t want to bring her bad luck, seeing as the circumstances are different now.

Takuma Ichijou - Her house mate on this island and the first person she has spoken to that she didn’t know from home. She has swiftly grown very fond of the blond vampire noble and is keeping his secret very well kept. It doesn’t scare her at all, though she was worried her friends might be hurt at first. He has assured her he wouldn’t hurt them and thus she trusts him well. He knows her secret as well, though she is worried he might be hurt they have learned that vampires are immune to her bad luck. He is one more person that after a while she will no longer fear hugging. He tends to smile much like she does so they seems to understand when one is smiling for real or not.



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